Superformance Wiring Diagrams Broschüre

Aus den USA erreichte mich folgende Nachricht. Eventuell interressant für den einen oder anderen Superformance-Besitzer:

As the owner of record of a #1900+ series chassis Superformance MKIII, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about a larger format and highly detailed Wiring Diagram now available for your MK III chassis series.

This Wiring Diagram, a single sheet measuring 36“x 36”, details the factory wiring layout for your #1900+ chassis MKIII, along with many optional installation details for add-on accessories; Including: MDS Ignitions, Ignition key substitutions (3 different styles), battery cut-off switches, headlight/running light upgrades, installation of a manual fan switch, wire gages, and much more. Also included on the diagrams are replacement part numbers for many electrical components, including all relays and switches.

Even if you don’t personally trouble-shoot electrical issues on your MKIII, your mechanic will appreciate the easy to read and trace information contained on this wiring diagram. The cost will come back to you in time saved on you first electrical repair. A must-have item for every MKIII trunk tool kit.

This Wiring Diagram is currently available for $38.50 USD or PayPal $39.90 USD. Shipping to the US Mainland is included in this price. Overseas shipping is additional.

Attached is a flier outlining how to purchase a diagram. Payment with cash, check or PayPal accepted (Account name below)

At right is a screen shot of your chassis’ Wiring Diagram for your SPF chassis series. It may look intimidating, but those are all details surrounding the main wiring diagram.

Blas Costagli

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